BK8 Urban Ebike Removable Battery With Lock

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  • EUR: € 791.01

Electrified city bikes can help you carry more, conquer hills, avoid traffic jams, and get to your destination fresh, invigorated, and smiling.

Iron frame 13A/26”
Iron frame 13A hard fork
36V 7.5ah lithium ion battery
Tire 26” x2.35
350W rear hub motor
Range 35-45km
Top speed 25km/h

Frame: Iron

Motor: 350W

Mileage: 100 KM(in pedal assist mode)

Frame: Iron

Payload: 120 kg

Wheel Size Dia: 26*2.35 inches"

BK8 Eike Riding Pattern

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BK8 Factory Strength, Quality Assurance

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BK8 Ebike Certifications

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