One-stop solution for OEM/ODM Ebikes

Based on our MOQ of 200 sets, moyosports offers one-stop solution for full ebike customization, with our in-house development team, you can customize almost every aspect of a ebike, from your brand information like logo, color options, decal, to the ebike parts such LCD display, lights, tyre, fender, pedal, handlebar, to the perfomance related accessories like battery, motor, wheel hub and brake, also the frame can be bespoke to your requirements.


Ebike Full Customization

moyosports also supports full ebike  customization. Our in-house team, from protype design, to final ebike products manufacturing, is capable of fast response to needs for customized ebikes, 

Bespoke Frame colors

Ebike color plays a important role in matching your brand and differing your ebikes from your competitors, moyosports understand this well, with our in-hourse painting facility, we are able to custom your ebike any color you like.

ebike decal

Unique Decal

Ebike decal is another vital element which enhance your branding awareness, and add the DIY enjoyment for your customers, with our custom decal service, you can easily get the decal you want and at a affordable cost.


Make your ebike business and brand stand out with your own elegant and original logo! moyosports provide a wide options of logo design for you to choose and fullfill on anywhere you like on the ebike.


A well considered ebike branding should also take the outer carton packaging box of your ebike into consideration, since this will be the first thing sighted by your customers, put your branding information like logo, slogan at the carton box is also supported from our ebike customization service.

Custom Ebike Inquiry

Please provide detailed information about the ebike you want to custom, more details can help us understand your requirements better, we can also schedule a video meeting to discuss.